NEW YORK – May 16, 2023 – Waystar Royco (NYSE: WRC), a leading global media and entertainment company, hosted a successful Investor Day, emphasizing its commitment to innovation, strategic vision, and the highly anticipated rollout of Living+.

Co-CEOs Kendall Roy and Roman Roy led the virtual event, presenting Waystar Royco’s strategic roadmap to investors, analysts, and media worldwide. They focused on the innovative Living+ platform, a groundbreaking addition to the company’s diversified portfolio.

“Waystar Royco is committed to pushing the boundaries of the media landscape,” Kendall Roy stated. “Living+ is a testament to our innovative spirit, our ambition to deliver highly personalized and interactive experiences to our audiences.”

Kendall Roy added, “Living+ is more than just a streaming service. It’s a lifestyle platform that will redefine the way people consume content. We believe it will not only drive our growth but also revolutionize the industry.”

Highlights of the Investor Day included:

– A deep dive into the vision and strategy behind Living+, revealing plans for its rollout and its potential to drive growth.
– Financial updates reflecting Waystar Royco’s solid fiscal health, underlining the company’s capability to invest in innovative solutions like Living+.
– Insights into the company’s expansion plans, including potential mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships to further enhance its portfolio.
– Detailed presentations of the company’s key business segments, showcasing its strong position in the market.

The event concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, giving participants the opportunity to engage directly with Waystar Royco’s executive leadership team. The announcement of the Living+ platform’s rollout generated a positive response, reflecting optimism for the company’s future.

Karolina Novotney
Public Relations
(212) 555-1111